Security Services


Norpro offers a wide range of security and health and safety needs for Northern Ontario. Norpro administers stand-alone and integrated services to clients ranging from one-time security guards to complete packages that utilize all NORPRO’S services. Our Clients range from mine sites to film sets.


covid screeners

We can provide entrance screening services along with our usual static and dynamic guard roles.

Our guards have been trained in accordance with our own internal Coronavirus protocols which include screening questionaires, temperature checks, and documentation.


  • Monitor Entrances
  • Temperature Checks
  • Establish COVID-19 Protocol



Security Guards

All NORPRO guards are experts in their respective fields, trained in risk assessment, use of force, defensive & evasive driving, and First Response Emergency CPR.

Our security services have proven invaluable to our clients through our commitment to excellence and our flexibility to conform to ever-changing schedules. We provide guards that improve customer experience.

  • Retail Store Security
  • Entrance Screeners
  • Security Consulting
  • Industrial Security
  • Mine Security
  • COVID-19 Protocols Training
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Security Guard License
  • Use of Force Training
  • First Aid with AED & CPR
  • Behavioural Assessment Rated
  • Non-Physical Crisis Intervention



Patrol guards

Patrols maintain a safe and secure environment for customers and employees by monitoring both premises and personnel. Mobile Patrol Security Officers are specially trained to perform patrol inspections by car, by bike, and/or on foot.

Our patrol services give clients the peace of mind that their assets are secure at all times, especially as advancements in technology equip our officers with the tools to provide real-time online reporting while patrolling client sites.

  • Keyholder Services
  • Alarm Response
  • Spot Checks
  • Parking Lot Patrol
  • Checking Windows & Doors
  • Emergency Response
  • Perimeter Sweeps
  • By-law Enforcement



Loss prevention

NORPRO has developed an elite loss prevention team. NORPRO’s unique approach allows for great flexibility with clients’ needs. The focus of loss prevention is to reduce a store’s overall loss. By working together, NORPRO will be able to target a store’s vulnerable areas to secure merchandise.

Loss Prevention Officers are most frequently stationed in retail stores, but implement valuable security measures for manufacturers, warehouses, hotels, casinos, and resorts alike.

  • Non-Uniformed Guards
  • Proven Crime Reduction
  • Trained in National Use of Force Model
  • Knowledge of Criminal Code and Trespass to Property Act
  • WHMIS and Workplace Safety and Harassment Compliant
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